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Countertops and sinks

Our concrete countertops and concrete sinks are made of high performance concrete (GFRC). They are structurally modified with a unique recipe created by our concrete experts.

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Stamp concrete

Stamped concrete or some call it decorative concrete is the latest trend in landscaping. Gaining more popularity over the years, it offer a wide variety of colors and patterns that make this product unique and customizable for everyone

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Concrete furniture

All our furniture are handmade and can be customized to fit you're needs. send us measurements, pictures, ideas and drawing to help us build you're desired furniture!

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Design flexibility

With stamped concrete, design possibilities are endless. We are able to create custom design or follow a strict design plan.

Concrete is strenght

Concrete offer a superior structural resistance than any other product on the market. We are also able to create specific recipe depending on the type of work that has to be done..

Cheaper than interlock

Stamped concrete is cheaper than interlock. The building process is faster and less ground damage is done since it requires less machinery.

Free consultation

We offer free consultation and help you with design ideas in order to create the ultimate dream project according to your taste and needs.

The difference with prestigia

  • Experience
  • Unique
  • Service
  • Prestigia advantage

Our company has more than 10 years experience in the field of stamped concrete.

Creating unique environments and designs is the strength of our business. Each of our projects is created with a particular attention to aesthetics.

Whether before, during or after construction, our company will be there to offer you support. Our primary goal is to keep our reputation and to offer the maximum support to our customers.

We are committed to beating the market prices and giving you more for your money.

The pros of

stamped concrete

concrete furniture

concrete sinks

decorative concrete

concrete countertops

artistic concrete

concrete work

All about design!

Our attention to details and aesthetics is incomparable. Special attention is paid to your project in order to create a unique work according to your taste and expectations.

What is stamped concrete; Stamped concrete is a malleable and prestigious product; This technique makes it possible to modify the concrete surface by printing different textures, such as natural stone, slate and even wood. These textures and colors will give an absolute richness to your surface. Stamped concrete is an increasingly sought-after technique for customers, architects and landscapers.

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