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Stain,epoxy & sealer

You have a grey concrete surface and want it refreshed? No problem! We have accomplished wonders over the years with sealers and acid stains! Stains offer multiple colours and tint, you can mix and match colours to give you're concrete the desired look! Our team will make your old concrete look new!

Demolition & reparation

If you need an expert to repair old concrete or stamped concrete, we have the tools and experience to achieve any task given! Sometimes, the only solution on old concrete is to demolish and remake a new one, we have competitive price in demolition and always work securely and effectively!


Our team has a lot of experience in the world of interlock. Our interlock platforms can be installed on a reinforced concrete slab! We are probably one of the few company’s in the region to offer this quality option since we are also experienced in concrete. Your platform will never move and no grass will grow through it.

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